Suboptimal Systemic Design is a Moral Challenge

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
To be human is to be a moral agent. To be a designer is to be everywhere and always a moral agent. Design is an act of…

Motivating Consumer Choice

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
Effective product and packaging design is a combination of art, mechanics and social science, all with the end goal of meeting a consumer need, or presenting the…

Plain Packaging a Natural Experiment in Brand

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
In recent weeks controversy has raged over the effectiveness of the previous Australian Federal government’s plain packaging policy for cigarettes. The point in bitter contention has been…

Design by Rationalised Constraint and the Nature of the Designer

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
Design limits choice, and that is why design matters. Even the best design displaces the existence of other design solutions. Under one set of preconditions this doesn’t…

Design by Rationalised Constraint

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
In a world where the majority of the human population now live in cities design matters more than at anytime in history. The recently released Mapping Australia’s…

ECO. Launches Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
Marque’d are delighted to support ECO. Modern Essentials with their launch of Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray as part of ECO.’s Active direction. As a brand with values…

Design Case Study: Bellamy’s Organic Ready2Go! UHT Flavoured Milk Packaging

Brand Design In The Baby Space

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
Marque’d continue to be involved in a number of baby and child focused brand and design projects. These projects present a special challenge in achieving trust and…

Asymmetry, Hyperconnectedness and the Elevator Pitch

Originally posted on Marque'd thought:
We are moving into a fundamentally different world. The inherent asymmetry of market relationships is being hyper activated in this many-to-many world. It is our argument that…

icons for ethea

Ethea required a series of icons for its blog site that would work together to reference classical philosophy, but still have a modern feel. The three icons: the owl for ‘logos’; the fire… Continue reading

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