Design by Rationalised Constraint and the Nature of the Designer

Marque'd thought


Design limits choice, and that is why design matters.

Even the best design displaces the existence of other design solutions. Under one set of preconditions this doesn’t matter. Where there is no more optimal design solution, and that solution is freely chosen, then and only then, can we be certain that design has limited choice to the least possible degree.

Since the 1700s design and free choice has lifted billions from the poverty that had defined the human condition till then. Yet what gives also takes away. Suboptimal systemic design makes us fragile, limits prosperity, and reduces the nature of human being. As ignorance is no defense we have a moral imperative not to limit or risk future human agency. Cities are complexes of systemic designs that have been the venue for that unprecedented generation of value, and nonetheless they determine us. Where there is competitive choice this is generally…

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