ECO. Launches Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray

Marque'd thought


Marque’d are delighted to support ECO. Modern Essentials with their launch of Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray as part of ECO.’s Active direction.

As a brand with values centered on active and healthy living, and general wellbeing, ECO. has been very focused on strengthening its offer in response to the needs of its really active followers. ECO. exists to support people who face all the challenges of living a full and engaged life – and that can mean aches and pains.

Sore muscles and joint pain are the perfectly natural consequence of people being active enough to be healthy. It is a real problem felt by people everyday. The options for relief and recovery range from drug based painkillers to foam rolling. However, when recent research says even paracetamol – doctors’ most commonly recommended back pain relief – is completely ineffectual consumers have good reason to be concerned about side effects…

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