food, place, authenticity

Food, Authenticity and Place have consistently been strong references for creative endeavour.

My experience has covered various points in the delivery of food to consumers; from restaurant design, plated meal and menu design, to packaging design for an international food brand.

My focus is premium brands, delivering high quality product, drawing from local suppliers, so ‘place’ has been an integral part of developing much of my design and brand work.

Brands emerge from purpose and values.  Effective brands reflect their values in all aspects including communication and design.  The values that direct my design in brand are integrity, authenticity that may be connection to place, and sustainability.  Integrity means striving to deliver on the brand promise.  I pursue projects with brands that have an authenticity. Those brands are strongly connected to an essential organising idea or element.

Connection to place; the nature of ingredients, or personal vision – they are all manifest in distinct brand voice.

Being a mother has strongly influenced my desire to drive brands that encourage passing on a positive message, opportunity and framework for living. Sustainability is more than environmental concern.  Sustainability must be economic, and intergenerational.  It is about the preservation of choice.